a short animated film in development by Anka Kočevar

Co-written, animated and directed by Anka Kočevar

Co-written by Slavica Remškar

Produced by Finta Film (Slovenia)

For the fish, for the birds, for the rights of the beetle!

A cruel child mistreats animals while enjoying a sense of power. Once he throws a stone at a poor salamander and kills it. Fantastic creatures turn the boy into a dung beetle. From then on, he has to live in the body of a beetle, to feel what it is like to be a helpless little animal. He has to run away from dangers and watch other children torment tiny insects like himself ...

Anka Kočevar

Graduated in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana in 2009. As an animator and painter she collaborates with renowned directors in the creation of animated films, most recently with the director Špela Čadež on the film Steakhouse. Anka is also active in the field of art education and illustration, mainly child literature. Dung Beetle will be her directorial and (co-)scriptwriting professional debut.

Slavica Remškar

Author of several picture books, long time editor and editor-in-chief of two main children's magazines in Slovenia, editor of a collection of jokes and three anthologies of children's literature. She freely and independently adapts folk tales. The task she seriously sets herself in all her writing: »Do I have something to say? Can I say it more succinctly?« Dung Beetle is her first foray into scriptwriting.